Soil Boring/Well Drilling Services

The Envirobiz Database of Soil Boring/Well Drilling Services contains profiles of over 800 firms that offer soil boring/well drilling services. In the real database, you will immediately reach a full-text, Wais search engine which will allow you to make specifications about the firm that you are seeking. Shown below is a typical profile of a firm that offers soil boring/well drilling services. Any of the words shown in the profile, from the firm's name, address, city and state to specific types of equipment or personnel expertise, can be used to narrow your search.

Example Profile

Layne Christensen Company (FL)
2740 Mine & Mill Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33801
Ph: 941/666-2433

3720 N. Palafox St.
Pensacola, FL 32505
Ph: 904/469-0991

Total Number of Staff in This State: 63
Available Nationwide
drillers (1340), industrial hygienists (6)

Soil Boring/Well Drilling Services
Scope of Services
monitoring well - large diameter, monitoring well - small diameter, recovery wells, rock coring, soil boring
Soil Boring/Well Drilling Equipment
cable tool - truck-mounted (1), mud rotary (3)
EPA Level of Personal Protection: B

Company Background and Relationships
This company was founded in 1880.
This company operated under the name Layne, Inc..
This company is publicly held.
Stock is listed on the NASDAQ exchange with the symbol LAYN.


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