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1999 International Conference on Incineration and Thermal Treatment Technologies
May 1-0-14,1999; Orlando, Florida
Ph: 949/824-5859
Fx: 949/824-1900
Contact: Lori B. Cohen


International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference
June 3-6, 1999; Towson, Maryland
Sponsors: Hazardous Materials Committee of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, in cooperation with the Industrial Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs
Ph: 703/273-0911 ext. 340
Fx: 703/273-9363

Vail Rocks '99: Rock Mechanics for Industry
June 6-9, 1999; Vail, Colorado
Sponsors: American Rock Mechanics Association and the ARMA Foundation
Includes trade show, hands-on indoor and outdoor demonstrations, interactive sessions, pre-symposium workshops and short courses, and field trips
Ph: 303/771-2000
Fax: 303/843-6232

Waste Expo '99
June 7-10, 1999: Dallas, Texas
Ph: 301/694-5243
Fx: 301/694-5124

Environmental Justice: Strengthening the Bridge Between Economic Development and Sustainable Communities
June 9-12, 1999; Hilton Head, South Carolina
Sponsors: Medical University of South Carolina's Environmental Biosciences Program
Ph: 800/277-3239
Fx: 843/727-6464
Contact: Charlene Marsh

Industrial Services International 1999
June 22-24, 1999; Houston, Texas
Contact: Sean Guerre
Ph: 713/463-9595 ext. 304
Fx: 713/463-9997

Air & Waste Management Association's 92nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition
June 20-24, 1999; St. Louis, Missouri
Ph: 800/270-3444
Fx: 412/232-3450

Fourth International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition
June 21-24, 1999; Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Ph: 734/994-1200 x 3234
Fx: 734/994-5123

Water Environment Federation/Industrial Wastes Technical Conference
June 27-30, 1999; Indianapolis, Indiana
Ph: 703/684-2400 x 7750
Fx: 703/684-2492




International Conference on Practical Applications in Environmental Geotechnology
September 4-6, 2000; Helsinki, Finland
Organizers: Technology Development Centre Finland; Finnish Environment Institute; Geological Survey of Finland;
Technical Research Centre of Finland
Ph: +358 9 4561
Fax: +358 9 463 251

Enviro-Pro Expo/TECOMEX '99
September 21-24, 1999; Mexico City, Mexico
Ph: 301/493-5500
Fx: 301/493-5705



Environ/Watertec India 99
November 18-22, 1999; Bombay, India
Organizer: Messe Dusseldorf International
Ph: 312/781-5180
Fx: 312/781-5188



Conference on Land Stewardship in the 21st Century
March 13-16, 2000; Tucson, Arizona
Ph: 520/621-7276
Fx: 520/621-8801
Contact: Peter F. Ffolliott

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